Sharing your “moments” in Burlington

We all have those special memories and moments, that stay with us forever!  Playing in a park with friends, going to camp, first time at the beach , fireworks at the waterfront, learning a new skill, attending festivals, playing sports, creating art, seeing a play…………. All experiences available right here, in Burlington.

Whether you’ve lived here all your life or just moved, our City has so many great things to enhance the quality of life for everyone, everyday!  Ranked the #1 mid-sized city in Canada, the #1 city in Canada for new immigrants and the fourth best city in which to retire, according to Money Sense Magazine.

Our city continues to grow and, we’re listening  and reacting to the community and its needs, for example;  adding features to our parks such as leash-free areas, water play areas for children, and skateboard parks for our youth and more.

To showcase our City, the video “Burlington Moments” was filmed to capture and feature moments residents experience in our parks, recreation and cultural assets.  Watch the video and see if it doesn’t trigger something in you!

Bet the video made you reminisce and think ………..  that’s exactly the reaction we were looking for.

Did you recognize any of the locations?   If not we have a full listing at for you to view, so you can create new moments.

Share your “Burlington Moments” with us and you could WIN one of three Summer Fun Packs.


You can make new memories with this summer fun pack.

(Summer Fun Pack includes – 4 swimming passes, 2 rounds of Golf at Tyandaga, golf shirt, cooler bag, 2 mugs, 2 water bottles, Tim Horton’s gift cards, 2 beach towels, sunscreen, sunglasses and sand castle toys)

How can I win?

Submit your “Burlington Moment” entry on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or by commenting to this post.  You may even have your moment featured in our next “Burlington Moment” video!

Deadline for submission?

There are three chances to win.   Submission deadlines are midnight on:

  • Tuesday, July 30th
  • Tuesday, August 13th
  • Tuesday, August 27th

Winners will be notified on the following Wednesday.

Here are some of our favourite moments:

Tyandaga Clubhouse

Remember attending a wedding at the old Tyandaga Clubhouse


Taking the kids to the beach

Feeding Chipmunks

Feeding the chipmunks with my grandaughter

LaSalle Picnic

getting together with my girlfriends and our children


Teaching the little one to skate

Paddle Boarding

Learning a new skill


Spending time at the skateboard park

What are yours?

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5 Responses to Sharing your “moments” in Burlington

  1. Lee-Ann Webber says:

    How do we post pictures here 🙂

    • burlparksrec says:

      Hi Lee-Ann,

      If you have pictures posted on your Facebook or instagram page- you can share the link in the comments section or of it is easier- you can share them with us directly on social media with us!

      Looking forward to receiving your pictures! Have a great day!

  2. Pingback: 6 ‘cool’ places | Burlington Parks & Recreation

  3. n1ked says:

    Hi there,
    Couldn’t figure out how to “share” my photo with your Facebook page, so I’m posting the link here instead. 🙂 This is my son admiring the t-rex at RBG.

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