A day in the life of our Camp Van Driver

20 + camp locations

3000 + children, youth and teens in programs

120 + camp/program staff

Can you imagine driving around all day to make sure each of these participants, staff and camp locations have everything they need? Can you say exhausting?!

The camp team is lucky to have one dedicated and enthusiastic camp van driver that is up to the task! Jason is one committed guy that never misses a deadline!

When you need something…. “Who are you going to call?”…. Ghostbusters Jason


We thought it would be fun to recap a day in the life of our camp van driver:

8:30am: Pick-up van for the day

8:45am: Check-in at the camp office with Alley, Camp Clerk Extraordinaire to gather his schedule for the day as well as any supplies and paperwork for drop-off.


9:00am-4:00pm (approx): Jason spends most of his days doing the following:

– Stopping in at the local food store to stock up for his snack deliveries

image   <–Tons of snacks–>   

– Greeting campers & leaders with his contagious energy & smile

– Playing games with them at the field when they need an extra body or when his schedule allows time for it:

-Delivering registration lists, important documents and other items as needed, such as props for Burlington Student Theatre shows

4:00-4:30pm: He checks back in at the camp office, answers any emails, takes a quick peak at the next day’s schedule and brings the camp van back to its spot until morning.

So there you have it, our camps are safe, organized and fun, thanks to the wonderful camp staff, including Jason, our handy camp van driver!

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