Your summer camp memories; keep ’em going

As a child, summer camp is that special reward you get when school is out for the year…

It is the place where you make new friends, create Picasso-like masterpieces, play countless games, laugh till your cheeks hurt, learn new skills, attend sweet trip and more!


What happens when you become just a little too old to attend camp?

How can you keep your summer camp memories going?

For some; the solution is obvious… become a camp counsellor (and.. never be too old to go to camp)!

If you’re not sure that the camp counsellor gig is your thing… test the waters as a Leader-in-training. Here is how it works:

1. Learn a whole bunch of skills, such as:

2. …then take your newly acquired skills and put them into action at an onsite placement at  a city camp. Remember; Practice makes perfect.

3. Realize that being a camp counsellor is your calling, apply for employment… rock your interview, and become the oldest camper  leader at your site.

Here’s what some LITs had to say about their experience:

“By the end, I was more outgoing and felt like I was getting closer to becoming great Camp Leader”

“ I felt like I made a positive impact”

“I met amazing people and felt extremely welcomed by all the City of Burlington Staff”

“The camp leaders at our sites treated us like their equals so I learned and experienced what a Camp Leader really does”

“I realized what a big part a camp leader is in a young child’s life and how much they look up to you”

Of course; it is not all work, there is plenty of fun to be had at the Leader-In-Training program. The Senior LIT’s showed their fun side by creating an “Epic HIGH FIVE” Video for the Epic HIGH FIVE Contest being hosted by HIGH FIVE.

So there you have it… our secret to keeping your summer camp memories going!

Hoping to see YOU in camp this summer!

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