Registering for programs just got easier!

Are you always on the go?

At the end of the day; do you ever wonder how you juggle it all? Making breakfast, getting the kids out the door, chauffeuring to sports & other activities, homework, family time, gym, etc….

Don’t worry… we know how busy YOU are!

And that’s why we are so excited to tell you that registering for programs for yourself, children, or family members just got a LOT easier with our  new On Line Guide.

                               On Line Live and Play Guide

But, how?”- you ask.

Our new Fall/Winter Live and Play On Line Guide  offers the convenience to view program information and register for recreation programs of your choice at any time, day or night.    You can view it from the comfort of your home, while on the couch enjoying your morning coffee, or access it from your smartphone and/or tablet if you’re on the go or out of town.

You never have to worry about missing another registration again!

                              From the comfort of your own home 

The on line guide is user friendly, allows you to flip through pages, bookmark favourite programs,  search,  tag  favourites and share them with friends and family through social media.

How to get started:

1.      Choose your program Preschool, Youth Teen, Adult, Seniors, Diversity, Swimming, Skating, Music, and Student Theatre

2.      Then… it’s an easy click through to register and you get an immediate confirmation.  

Told you it was easy!

Other registration options are as follows;

1.       RecExpress

2.      RecExpress by Phone – 905-335-3131

3.      In person at City Hall, Parks and Recreation Department, Tansley Woods Community Centre,          Burlington Seniors’ Centre or Brant Hills Community Centre.

4.      By Fax –905-335-7837 or 905-336-9558.

5.      Mail to City of Burlington, Parks and Recreation Registration, PO Box 5013, Burlington,                  Ontario L7R 3Z6

6.      Drop off to City of Burlington, Parks and Recreation Registration and drop off in box located          at City Hall, Locust Street entrance.

Now don’t forget….Our Fall registration is OPEN!

Once you’ve used it… We’d love to hear back from you- please take a moment and complete our Survey. Your opinion matters to us. 


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