NEW – Free Gym-Walking at Haber Recreation Centre!

Blah! That’s what many of us think when we look out the window during these cold winter months and see the snow and negative degree temperatures. This extreme winter weather certainly makes it tough to get outside and walk when all you really feel like doing is hibernating!

To beat the winter blahs and keep our community moving, the City of Burlington is piloting a new gym-walking program at Haber Recreation Centre this winter. Much like mall-walking, residents, 19 years of age and older, and their children or grandchildren secured in strollers are invited to walk the gymnasiums at scheduled time periods Monday – Friday for free. It’s all in an effort to support a healthy, active and vibrant lifestyle. To get going, all you will need is a pair of running shoes (please, no street shoes or boots to avoid tracking in snow, salt or dirt and you are kindly reminded to wipe down the stroller wheels before entering the gym).
Haber Recreation Centre IMG_5875

Residents will be asked to check-in and out with our customer service staff and sign a waiver form. As timing for gym-walking will be scheduled around existing programming and rental schedules, a weekday schedule will be posted on a weekly basis. Residents can drop into Haber Recreation Centre at 3040 Tim Dobbie Drive, call our customer service number at 905-335-7748 or, visit the website the Haber Programs Page to find the updated gym-walking times.


Walking is one activity that can help you achieve the health benefits described in the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines. Walking is the number one physical activity in Canada. It is easy to do and can be done by people of all ages. To achieve health benefits, try to walk in bouts of 10 minutes or more.
• Improves sleep
• Reduces stress
• Increases energy
• Helps you achieve or maintain a healthy weight
• Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure
• Reduces your risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer
• Makes muscles and bones stronger

Live and Playby gym-walking at Haber Recreation Centre this winter.

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