PERSERVERENCE: Play teaches us to Persevere!

When was the last time you tried something new for the very first time?How did it make your feel?


The rewards of learning or mastering something new teach us that perseverance is worthwhile. It could simply be discovering a love for something you had no idea would capture your imagination or, keep you from becoming bored or, encouraging you to see things a little differently.   Perseverance is the life skill that teaches us not to give up when the going gets tough; the stick- to-itiveness that even through adversity we will keep on trying!


This week on the Play Calendar is Take a Kid to Golf Week. From July 7 – 13, kids under 16 years of age can play for free with a paying adult at Tyandaga Golf Course. Learning to golf can be a humbling game that requires incredible patience and a wonderful opportunity to support teaching the art of perseverance!


You can always find inspiration to try something different by checking out the many recreational, cultural or sports programs offered through the City. From music lessons, swimming, skating, fitness, golf, pilates, yoga, arts and crafts, photography, theatre, shinny hockey, golf and so many more interesting programs and play activities the City has to offer for you to explore all year long.   All the information on the City programs is found in the Live and Play Guide. You can view them out on-line at or drop by any City of Burlington recreation facility or City Hall to pick one up!

The next time you are up for the challenge commit yourself to play at something new.   Try learning to play a musical instrument, a new sport or take a yoga class for the first time. You may be inspired to consider taking up the challenge to walk, run or cycle in a 5km, 10km or 100km event for a local charity or, dedicating yourself to improve your score in a game of golf at Tyandaga Golf Course.  collage_tyandaga1

You can also always take up the challenge to play for 30 minutes every day for 30 consecutive days.  There are tracking tools to help keep you motivated and on target on the Live and Play website at
The key is to stick to it and don’t give up and chances are, you’ll find the benefits well worth the effort.

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