Play can bring greater joy into your life

This is the final posting of our “Play Campaign” where we have only just begun to discover the many benefits of play. Over the summer months we have learned how playing on a regular basis increases longevity, develops team building skills and helps with conflict resolution skills. Play teaches perseverance, inspires us to think differently and gives us pleasure. Play develops crucial life skills, stimulates imagination, curiosity and creativity, builds energy levels and reduces anxiety and stress. Play also fosters a sense of belonging. Sharing joy, laughter, and fun with others promotes bonding and strengthens a sense of community. We develop empathy, compassion, trust, and the capacity for intimacy through regular play.

Through the years, studies have revealed that play acts as a powerful catalyst for positive social skills by fostering a sense of belonging and connection to other people.

The City offers a variety of interesting, fun programs and activities to engage in play at all ages. The Live and Play guide is your source for all things play – recreation, sports and culture from preschool and child programs, youth and teen , seniors , student theatre, music, programs for individuals with a disability, swimming, skating, festivals and events, golf and so much more.


The Fall and Winter Live and Play guide was released August 15th. If you have not yet received the guide you can always view the entire guide online or drop into any city facility and pick one up.


Registration for Fall and Winter programs begins this Saturday, August 23rd. You can easily register online using REC Express or, simply by calling customer service who are available to support or answer inquiries you may have. Our customer service staff can be reach by phone at 905-335-7738 or, email at

RecExpress Register online
The city also offers many drop-in programs that do not require registration. Programs such as Adult and Women’s Shinny, recreational skating, stick and pucks, basketball, fitness, lap swimming, fun swims, family swims, fitness classes to name a few. You can check out the schedule for these opportunities in the Live and Play guide.

We have recently launched a new swimming and skating calendar to help you quickly find how to get engaged in play and also to help you easily find what is happening in both swimming and skating on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

As we conclude the blog posts on the benefits of Play, we ask you – what do you think the world would be like if every human spent time each day in play? Think about it for a second, I bet just asking you this question has brought a smile to your face. Playing every day can simply be – bringing greater joy into your life. So what are you waiting for? Get out and play, every day.

CONGRATULATIONS to Kathleen Dodd for winning a $100 Burlington Parks and Recreation Gift Certificate in Week 10.
Please stay in touch and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram where we will continue to share opportunities to Live and Play Every day. The Play Campaign Calendar at will be kept active so you can find suggestions and ways to engage in play.

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