It is cold outside

Stay warm…stay safe, but definitely get outside and play!

There is now a chill in the air that bites back when you open that door. So, how do we keep our kids from curling up on the couch with the remote control, phone or computer screen when there is a chill in the air?

As  parents, it’s our job to encourage being active and getting outside to play, but how do we do this if we don’t want to go outside in the cold ourselves? It’s plain and simple… suck it up! What better way to teach our children about living a healthy active lifestyle than to lead by example. So, grab those winter parkas, wooly socks, grandma knit toques, and mittens and get outside. It’s Canada eh?

Stay Warm, Stay Safe

Staying warm and dry when heading out to exercise in cold weather is all about layers. A little preparation can keep you safe from cold weather hazards like hypothermia and frostbite.

Cold temperatures, strong winds and damp conditions (like rain and snow) steal your body heat. For example, according to the National Weather Service, a -2 degree day with a 40-km-an-hour wind feels like about –22 degrees. And if you get wet (from rain, snow or perspiration) that effect is only magnified. That’s why layers of clothing are so important. They help trap the heat and form a kind of insulation against the elements.

Resist your instinct to start layering with cotton. Once cotton becomes wet with sweat or snow, the moisture is trapped and will actually make you feel colder (and heavier). For your first layer, you want something that pulls moisture away from your skin, like the moisture wicking fabrics used in high-performance sportswear. Next, add a layer of fleece; finally, top with a thin waterproof layer.


Fun Outdoor Activities

  • Tobogganing – Don’t kid yourself… running up and down those huge hills are a great workout. Check out the Burlington’s toboggan locations at
  • Snowshoeing – Don’t have snow shoes? No worries! Bundle up and go for a nature hike in the forest. Look for animal prints, take pictures, go home and look them up to see what animal they belong to. Some great outdoor parks with nature trails include Hidden Valley Park, Kernscliffe Park and Lowville Park.  You can also hike or snowshoe at Tyandaga Golf Course in the off season.
  • Skating –  Skating is a great family activity. Check out the outdoor rinks that have been built by the City of Burlington’s Neighbourhood Rink program. Or, drop by Rotary Centennial Pond  or Bronte Provincial Park. Both offer refrigerated ice surfaces and skate rental services. The City of Burlington also offers recreational skating indoors and you can view recreational skate times at

The options are as many as you want them to be. The City of Burlington’s outdoor spaces, parks and trails are accessible to everyone all year long!  Remember, the best childhood memories are made when you are active in play as a family.  Bundle up and get outside!

Live & Play Every Day!

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