It’s Canada’s 150th. Celebrate and Play all year long.


Happy New Year Burlington!  It’s Canada’s 150th eh?  We’re gearing up to celebrate Canada’s milestone birthday — all year long.  That’s right, a birthday this big needs to be celebrated in many different ways and we’ve come up with a few ideas to help keep us active in play while we celebrate.

Our friends over at ParticipACTION are putting together the 150 Play List of physical activities that define us as Canadian. You can check out all the fun ways to get active and maybe win some awesome prizes along the way at beginning January 6.  Community events are happening across the country as ParticipACTION’s Play List Tour Crew and community partners join together to inspire Canadians to sit less and move more. Check back to to learn more about the Play List Tour Crew coming to Haber Recreation Centre –  Saturday, May 27th.

And you don’t need to go across the country to find 150 ways to play,  In fact, we have a listing of 150 ways you can play right here in Burlington.

1.    Yoga 2.    Soccer
3.    Ball Hockey 4.    Ice Hockey
5.    Field Hockey 6.    Skateboard
7.    Lawn Bowl 8.    Triathlon
9.    Baseball 10.  Kayak
11.  Trampoline 12.  Table Tennis
13.  Volleyball 14.  Running
15.  Bird Watching 16.  Water Polo
17.  BMX 18.  Ballet Dance
19.  Golf 20.  Fish
21.  Orienteering 22.  Wheelchair Basketball
23.  Skydiving 24.  Tai Chi
25.  Tae Kwon Do 26.  Bridge
27.  AquaFit 28.  Mah Jong
29.  Bingo 30.  Calligraphy
31.  Bollywood 32.  Urban Poling
33.  Ukulele 34.  Latin Line Dance
35.  Watercolour 36.  Equestrian Jumping
37.  Model Boat Sailing 38.  Rhythmic Gymnastics
39.  Shooting 40.  Snowboard
41.  Dragon Boat Racing 42.  Billiards/Pool
43.  Paint 44.  Stain Glass Making
45.  Ice Sculpting 46.  Trail Running
47.  Cross Country Running 48.  T-ball
49.  Water Running 50.  Hide and seek
51.  Gymnastics Artistic 52.  Football
53.  Tumbling 54.  Baseball
55.  Skating 56.  Rollerblade
57.  Cycling 58.  Badminton
59.  Softball 60.  Canoe
61.  Lacrosse 62.  Swim
63.  Horseshoes 64.  Hiking
65.  Music 66.  Synchronized Swimming
67.  Frisbee Golf 68.  Power Walking
69.  Ultimate Frisbee 70.  Scuba Diving
71.  Zumba 72.  Acting
73.  Snowshoe 74.  Kickboxing
75.  Beach Volleyball 76.  Knit
77.  Pilates 78.  Pottery
79.  Bunka 80.  Quilting
81.  Ballet Fit 82.  Mah Jong
83.  Ballroom Line Dance 84.  Scottish Country Dance
85.  Choir 86.  Bouldering
87.  Model Trains 88.  Judo
89.  Weight lifting 90.  Ski
91.  Mosaics 92.  Sing
93.  Basket Weaving 94.  Camping
95.  Darts 96.  Athletic Jumps
97.  Reading 98.  Gardening
99.  Cooking 100. Toboggan
101. Sailing 102. Shinny Hockey
103. Diving 104. Ringette
105. Tennis 106. Pickleball
107. Mountain Biking 108. Basketball
109. Stand Up Paddleboard 110. Cricket
111. Rugby 112. Hopscotch
113. Bocce Ball 114. Walk
115. Marching Band 116. Curling
117. Skip 118. Picnic
119. Rock Climbing 120. Pole Dance
121. Cards 122. Dance
123. Figure Skating 124. Martial Arts
125. Gym Walking 126. Boot Camp
127. Euchre 128. Cribbage
129. Drawing 130. Woodcarving
131. Qi Jong 132. Guitar
133. Tap Dance 134. Crochet
135. Build Sandcastles 136. Archery
137. Fencing 138. Sledge Hockey
139. Cross Country Skiing 140. Ballroom Dancing
141. Model Plane flying 142. Photography
143. Jewellery Making 144. Ultimate Frisbee
145. Kite Surfing 146. Athletic Throws
147. Dodge Ball 148. Juggle
149. Snorkeling 150. Horse back Riding

Love My Hood – Canada 150 Style

You might be asking yourself, “What is Love My Hood?  I need some lovin’ in my neighbourhood.”

Well then, this program is just what you are looking for.  Love My Hood is a community support program that works to inspire neighbourhood connections through community-led events or activities. Neighbours get together to plan the event and invite the neighbourhood to attend. The Love My Hood program breaks down the barriers to make it easy while providing toolkits and resources (e.g. how-to instructions, planning ideas, party items) to make your event a success. Check out all the amazing resources at In 2017, all Love My Hood toolkits will come with a few Canadian themed items: tattoos, toys, colouring sheets, crayons, and a Canada 150 tote bag.  Oh! A major bonus of this program is that all Love My Hood toolkits also come with $300 of city in-kind services to further support your event planning. WooooHoooo! Let the party (and neighbourhood lovin’) begin. The city is hoping to inspire at least 150 Love My Hood events in 2017.

$1.50 Fitness Classes

Kick off the New Year’s resolution in January to get fit and stay healthy with Canada $1.50 fitness classes.  That’s right, you heard it here folks, all fitness classes, lap swimming, aquafit classes are only $1.50 for the entire month. Some terms and conditions apply. Visit

Show Your Canadian Pride.  Fly that Maple Leaf

Wouldn’t it be great if all Burlington households displayed a Canadian flag?  What a wonderful way to show our city’s Canadian pride.  But wait.  You say you don’t have a Canadian flag?  Well, no worries.  The City of Burlington has you covered.   You can download a paper version of the Canadian flag from the city’s website. Colour it and place it in your window for all to see.  Read more at

Family Day Red and White Fun Swim and Public Skate

Celebrate Canada’s 150th With Us.
Show Your Canadian Pride. Wear red and white and pay an admission of just $1.50/person

Bonus…Wear red and white AND show a photo of a Canadian flag posted in your window at home and your admission is FREE! Don’t have a flag download one under resources at

Monday, Feb 20,2017

Fun Swim
Angela Coughlan             noon to 2 .pm.
Aldershot pool                 10 a.m. to noon

Public Skate
Appleby pad 1                  noon to 2 p.m.
Appleby pad 2                  12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.


Some conditions may apply. Visit

Canada 150 Mural Project

The City of Burlington will be participating in the Canada 150 Mural Mosaic project through our public art program. The mural will be made up of approximately 400 individual tiles painted by you, the residents of Burlington.  All ages and skill levels are welcome to attend. The tiles will be joined together to create a large mural designed by the artists.

Tile painting days will be held on:

  • Victoria Day, Monday, May 22, 2017
  • Tuesday, May 23, 2017

More details, such as location and times will be announced shortly.

Citizenship Ceremony

Are you a Canadian citizen but have never taken the Canadian Citizenship Oath?  Look for your opportunity to pledge your allegiance to uphold the duties of being Canadian at the Citizen Affirmation Ceremony that will take place at Spencer Smith Park in June 2017.  More details about this event will be announced shortly.

Canada Day

Bring your national pride to celebrate Canada Day on July 1 at the Waterfront at Downtown Burlington’s Spencer Smith Park. We will light up the Burlington’s skyline with a firework show to be remembered for years to come.

You’ll want to check back later for more information on activities and entertainment planned for our milestone birthday celebration at

Canada 150 Chain Link

Burlington Student Theatre is creating a Canada 150 paper chain to link together ideas and thoughts about what it means to be a young Canadian.  The paper chain will travel to various events throughout Burlington where our youth community will be encouraged to add their personalized message to showcase their Canadian pride. The paper chain link will be featured at Spencer Smith Park on July 1, 2017. To learn more about the events where the Canada 150 Chain Link will be featured, visit

Information on community events, activities and projects to mark Canada’s 150th visit

To learn more about places to get active and play every day, visit

Live & Play Every Day!

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