Get outside and play this winter

Brrr, it’s cold outside. But that doesn’t mean you have to go into hibernation. We aren’t bears after all! Instead of enduring winter, bundle up and try to embrace winter. We all need to play outside every day, even during the winter months. Building snowmen, learning to ski or skate and tobogganing for the first time brings back fond memories of childhood. Outdoor winter recreation is just one of the traditions of the Canadian lifestyle. Here are a few suggestions on where to go in Burlington to enjoy the great outdoors this winter.



The City of Burlington has six designated city parks for tobogganing.

  •  LaSalle Park, 50 North Shore Blvd. – East of the parking lot
  • Tyandaga Golf Course, 1265 Tyandaga Park Dr. – At hole number four, on the west slope
  • Central Park, 2299 New St. Hill – Northwest of the Community Garden
  • Brant Hills Park, 2300 Duncaster Dr. – Southwest of the tennis courts
  • Nelson Park, 4183 New St. – East side of park, north of Centennial Bike Path
  • Lowville Park, 6207 Guelph Line – Hill on the southwest end of the park.

Please remember that tobogganing is an activity that you do at your own risk. The city is not responsible for any personal injury or damage to your personal items. Here are a few tips that can help keep you safe while tobogganing.

  • Toboggan during daylight hours, not when it is dark.
  • Toboggan when the hill is snow covered, not when it is icy or bare.
  • Check the hill and make sure it is free of obstacles and toboggan in the designated area.
  • Wear a helmet designed for winter sports.
  • Use a toboggan that is in good shape and has brakes and steering.
  • Avoid wearing scarves or any clothing that could get caught in a toboggan and cause injury.
  • Always sit down and face-forward on a toboggan.
  • Do not build jumps or other obstacles on the toboggan hill.
  • Walk up the side of the hill and leave the middle open for others coming down the hill.
  • If you fall off of your toboggan, move out of the way to avoid being hit.

Outdoor Skating

Burlington Rotary Centennial Pond at Discovery Landing (beside Spencer Smith Park) has free recreational skating all season long. If you would like to skate but don’t have skates, skate lending is available on weeknights from 5 to 10 p.m. and on Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Visit to learn more about the skate lending program.

There are four city parks that offer outdoor skating this winter season, thanks to the efforts of neighbourhood volunteers.These neighbourhood ice rinks are built in partnership with the City of Burlington, where neighbourhood groups have come together help build and maintain these rinks for all to enjoy. For a listing of all locations and more information on the neighbourhood ice rink program go to

Winter Hiking


The city outdoor parks and nature trails are open all year long; plus Tyandaga Golf Course is open after golf season for winter play. That means hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and dog walking. Walking in the winter improves our stamina and fitness levels. Even just taking a short walk a day will give a noticeable improvement, especially if that walk happens uphill during the winter. Those who walk outdoors during the colder months tend to have a lower Body Mass Index than those who just go to a gym. This was especially true of those over the age of 50. And according to new research done in a UK study, the fitter your legs, the fitter your mind.

So, embrace the great outdoors, get active and play safe. Burlington parks, playgrounds, backyards, ice rinks are full of family adventure fun! For more ways to play both outdoors and indoors, check out the City of Burlington website at

Get Outside. Live and Play Every Day.


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